Al Sulay Warehouses

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Property Description:


Location Outline:

Here in Riyadh where is an increase of economic movement on both commercial and industrial levels, the ambition projects continue to fulfill the increasing needs year after year, and the ideal warehouses come as a new and modern rise to the future achieved as a source of pride on the ground of reality through which the obstacles and disadvantages have been overcome from which companies and establishments were suffering in their warehouses have been avoided .

The ideal warehouse located at south-east of Riyadh city at Al-Sulay district on the extension of South Ring road and close to  Exit ( 18 ) and East Ring Road occupying a strategic location represents the optimal option and vital artery for different commercial purposes on various areas that achieve investor's interests .

Warehouses Outline:

The warehouses was bullet on a total land area of ( 65,175 m2 ) containing ( 88 ) eighty eight warehouses which were constructed on nine separated groups that can be divided into (12) warehouses with different areas, starts from 444 m2 up to 787 m2 in order to match customer's demands, so as to cover the actual needs .

The ideal warehouses which insulated thermally, from a quality move on the style of building warehouses according to the highest international specifications, which render them qualified for all purposes, prepared and designed to keep and store different materials even those, which require special storage protection .

General Specifications:

Upon building the ideal warehouses, heat insulating white lime brick was used with a height of 2,20 m but regarding the rest of building, a double layer of panels filled with polyethylene substance 50mm thick ( Sandwich Panels ) was used, manufactured by the superior specialized companies ( TSSC ) .

However, the metal / frames in the warehouses are ( pre-engineering ) metal building manufactured by Kerby International Co. made by using an advanced engineering method to provide the necessary flexibility, durability, and safe movement within the warehouses height which reaches at the highest point 6.50m to 7 m .

After completing an efficient study of the project, the roofs of the ideal warehouses have been designed surprisingly in which Sandwich Panels were used for insulation along with applying natural lighting system ( skylight ) .

Insuring safety systems represents apprehension to the all and substantial aspect in building warehouses, have been equipped with early alarm system when smoke rise, and fire extinguishing system is working automatically and manually .

Other Advantages:

The warehouses have most common services and out door parking, measured 6-21m which facilitate the truck movements and avoid traffic blocking in front of the warehouses .

They also include from within offices and toilets. but from outside and out door, streets and passages have been asphalted in accordance with the best constructional and engineering techniques in order to avoid blocking trucks entrance and exit, giving a modern touch to the location .

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